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Earn your Master’s in Nursing from one of the best private nursing schools in Oklahoma1

Take the 1.5-year path to a lifetime of career success with the online Master of Science in Nursing from Oklahoma City University

Nursing is a tough field, but you’re tougher (and smarter). You know that investment in your skills and career is an investment in the lives of all the people you will go on to serve and that to care for others you must also care for yourself. For over 40 years, the Kramer School of Nursing has set the standard for exceptional nursing education.

Program Details

  • BSN-MSN: 33 credit hours
    • Complete in as few as 5 semesters, 1.5 years
  • RN-MSN: 46 credit hours
    • Complete in as few as 6 semesters, 2 years
  • Choose an Education or Leadership specialization
  • Three starts through the year: fall, spring, and summer
  • 100% online delivery

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As Oklahoma’s No. 1 college for nursing,1 OCU offers:

  • Accelerated pathways and specialty tracks into nursing with in-depth instruction from renowned nursing leaders and doctorally-prepared faculty
  • Personalized learning experiences and practice-focused curriculum that provide students with immediately applicable skills and perspectives
  • Access to nationally recognized mentors with career-defining connections benefit OCU nursing graduates for a lifetime beyond their academic experience

The online Master of Science in Nursing (MSN) from Oklahoma City University will prepare you for a variety of advanced nursing roles in teaching, research, administration, informatics, and direct patient care. At OCU, you can choose either an Education or Leadership specialization to complement your online master’s in nursing to hone in on the path that interests you most. Regardless of the track you choose, you’ll gain critical skills and experience to help you unlock the sought-after roles in your career specialization and gain access to jobs with higher competitive earning potential. Build a network that will help shape your career with the mentorship of our expert faculty and connections with your nursing peers. As a master’s-prepared nurse, you’ll be able to make a greater contribution to your organization, community, and field as you lead nursing into the future.

Specialize Your Nursing Practice

Oklahoma City University's Master of Science in Nursing Online offers two distinct specialty tracks that you will choose from prior to applying to the MSN program: Education or Leadership. The unique curricula and career pathways that each program offers ensures you are best equipped for higher earning potential, have a network of career mentors most applicable to your goals, and that you are ready for the challenging and rewarding work within your specialization.
Master of Science in Nursing Online: Education Specialization
Nurse educators are key to the growth and development of the entire healthcare industry. This track utilizes your knowledge and experience and equips you with the skills necessary to teach others. Set the standard for nurses you train to improve patient outcomes and the entire healthcare system.
Master of Science in Nursing Online: Leadership Specialization
Nurse leaders are trained to be well-rounded executives. This track gives you the management and strategy skills needed to enforce policies, oversee care of patient groups, manage finances, and examine operations management to find areas of improvement that can be used for future practice.

Build career-defining connections through intimate class sizes and access to nationally recognized mentors

A top priority for nursing faculty is to offer mentorship to students that carries them through their degree program and into their desired specialization. Whether providing letters of recommendation, meeting with students during office hours, or helping them to find precepting opportunities, Oklahoma City University nursing faculty go above and beyond for their students. Even if you’re located outside of Oklahoma, our nursing faculty can help facilitate professional connections and navigate your desired career path.

Faculty Bios

Our faculty are experienced and interested in:

  • Mental Health
  • Maternal-Child Health
  • Community Health
  • Health Care Policy and Legislation
  • Gerontology
  • Medical/Surgical Nursing
  • Workplace Violence Prevention
  • Integrative Nursing Theory
  • Nursing Research
  • Compassion Fatigue/Burnout Prevention

Online Master’s in Nursing core curriculum

All MSN students in both Education and Leadership Specializations will complete four core courses as the foundation of their degree. These courses cover common master's-level competencies, skills, and knowledge required in any specialized field of nursing study.

NURS 5103 Theoretical Foundations of Advanced Nursing Practice (3 credit hours)

Analysis and evaluation of the philosophical and theoretical basis for professional nursing. Emphasis placed on continued theory development and application to practice, administration, education, and research.

NURS 6323 Research Integration in Nursing Practice (3 credit hours)

Development of an evidence-based project to enhance practice, education, or administration. Analysis of quantitative and qualitative research methodologies, models of evidence-based practice, and application of problem-solving in professional practice. Prerequisites: Statistics and NURS 5103.

NURS 6503 Nursing Practicum (3 credit hours)

Seminar and practicum experiences designed and arranged by the student with faculty approval, to provide guided practice in the student's area of specialization. Prerequisite: Completion of at least 18 credit hours toward the MSN.

NURS 6603 Master’s Project (3 credit hours)

Completion of the scholarly project developed in NURS 6323 that includes well developed recommendations. Prerequisites: NURS 6323 and completion of at least 18 credit hours toward the MSN.

RN-MSN Online

When you can clearly picture your career goals, it can be hard to wait to achieve them. Fortunately, with the RN-MSN Online option, you can advance quickly and confidently from a role as an RN to earning your master’s without a year-long bachelor’s program in-between.

Learn from the same expert faculty, take the same Nursing Core curriculum, and choose between the same two specialization options as students who enter the program with a BSN. The only difference in curriculum are three BSN-level classes, to be completed before beginning graduate-level coursework. With Oklahoma City University’s RN-MSN Online you could complete the program and earn your MSN in as few as two years.

RN-MSN Online accelerated core courses

In addition to the core curriculum and specialization courses, RN-MSN students will need to complete three additional courses totaling 13 credits before they begin graduate-level coursework.

NURS 4403 RN-BSN Health Assessment (3 credit hours)

This theory and laboratory course focuses on the role of the professional nurse in assessing the health status of clients. Two hours of class per week and three hours of lab per week, or the equivalent.

NURS 4605 RN-BSN Community Health Nursing (5 credit hours)

This theory and field study course focuses on the role of the professional nurse in the promotion of self-care and the delivery of nursing care within community-based healthcare systems. Four hours of class per week and three hours of practicum per week, or the equivalent.

NURS 4805 RN-BSN Nursing Leadership (5 credit hours)

This capstone theory and practicum course focuses on synthesis of all aspects of the professional nurse’s role related to managing, coordinating, collaborating, and delegating nursing care of clients. Four hours of class per week and three hours of practicum per week, or the equivalent.

Earn a degree from a top-rated school2 stacked with industry leaders

Whether you’re entering with a BSN or an Associate's degree, all online master’s in nursing courses are taught by doctorally prepared nurses or nursing leaders with post-master’s education who are advanced specialists in their fields. All Oklahoma City University faculty are committed to each individual student's success but in the online master’s in nursing program, instructors are especially dedicated, viewing their students as potential coworkers and peers in the industry.
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