Pam Melson, RN, MSN, BC-NC

Clinical Assistant Professor

Professor Pam Melson has been with Kramer since the fall of 2012. Prior to her teaching at Oklahoma City University, her primary nursing roles were in diabetes education/wellness and prevention, psychiatric, and hospice nursing. Her primary current role is the RN-BSN program teaching Community, Servant Leadership, and Holistic Nursing courses. Professor Melson assists with the traditional courses of Mental and Family Health clinicals. Her greatest teaching passion is traveling with students to Belize, Mexico and Northeast Oklahoma to explore diversity and commonalities of traditional and alternative healthcare practices in the community.


Teaching Interest

  • Holistic Wellness & Selfcare
  • Community: Local & International Health
  • Compassion Fatigue/Burnout Prevention

Current Research/Scholarly Interest

  • Preserving Nursing Passion
  • Nursing Presence
  • Holistic Healing
  • Nurse Coaching

Awards, Recognition, and Service

  • 2017 Distinguished Service Learning Partner Award

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